dear beloved,

We are the Father, and the Son, and the Spirit. We are a free, full circle of utter oneness. We make up the best jokes and hold our sides until we can breathe again. When we breathe, it's deep and never constricted. You might say that we dance in complete harmony, or that we paint with every shade of the universe. 

We'd be the encompassment of every precious moment. We'd be the day you knew you'd fallen in love. We'd be the song on the radio that held you close. We'd be the night with your friends you never stopped laughing and that one day you were absolutely sure of who you were. 

Our breaths make creation like sunsets and ocean waves in forms you never heard of. We're language and physics and we make tone and rhythm with our heart and our eyes and our mind. 

Creation and humanity, you don't exist outside of us. Hear us, we don't live in outer space. We created outer space. Don't look for us there. We don't float about in nothingness, and there is no darkness in our home. We aren't locked away in a snow globe. 

Do you think we're far away? Does it seem like we don't exist at all? Did we abandon you? 

Today, hear us. We are Father, Son, and Spirit. 
We breathed and sculpted you because we long for you to experience the life we share in the circle of who we are. The life we share together is so precious to us that we dreamed you up in order for you to come and live with us, because it is good and to share it with you brings us so much joy. We are always growing in freedom, and love, and laughter. 

You there, you are depressed. You are anxious. You are bored. Can you fathom a life any different? You look at us and you see relationship and you think, that sounds like hell. You look at our constant self-giving and our communion and our passion and wonder that it could have gone on this long. (All of eternity is a concept you have not yet grasped.) 

What does our fullness really entail? You still think we float around in space, don't you? 
You would think of our home only as land, so I will describe it as being the fulfillment of land. The fulfillment of ocean and sky, tree and flower. Of sunrise and waterfall and canyon. 

We're adventures for all eternity. We're not mountain top experiences; we speak mountains into existence. We grow and inside us is intimacy and glory and pleasure that you'll explore and discover and laugh with for all eternity. 

Is it too overwhelming? Maybe start here:  
Lying on the trampoline facing this sky of stars
Making pancakes in the middle of the night 
Stirring chocolate into the cookie dough mixture
Making a mark in the footy game
Writing a story about something you know deeply 
Solving the equation you spent half the night trying to figure out
Weeding and planting a garden
Unexpected good news
Adventuring a country & culture you've never been 
Sketching all the tiny components of something
Knitting a scarf, a jumper, a blanket 
Using wood to make a table
The construction of a home 
Drawing a plan
Cooking a meal for people
Going for a run
Being reunited with the one you missed 
A dream coming true 
Dog sitting with you when you're sad 
Catching a wave 
Water when you're thirsty 
A clean room 
Warm fire in winter 

You're compiled of dreams and stories and moments. You are past, and present, and future. You are regret and forgotten and dismembered. You are individual and collective and compartmentalized. 

I AM whole. 

We are God; Father, Son and Spirit. 
We have existed in threefold community for all eternity, and in our complete intimacy exists all joy, adventure, discovery and beauty that is always growing. 

Long before your universe was conceived, we dreamed of opening ourselves to you. Long before any of your souls were breathed, we dreamed of creating you to share in our wholeness. 

Long before there was any garden, or trees, or technology, we wrote out the story of humanity. It's story is creation, and liberation, and reconciliation. 

Long before you knew our name, we'd painted out the story of your adoption into our community. We wrote your name and beauty into creation in order to share our life with you.

Your turning away in the garden didn't have us scampering for a plan two. Liberation and reconciliation was our story for you. Before we laid any universal foundation we founded our desire for you: a place in our trinitiarian life. 

Oppression and separation made way for liberation and reconciliation. Today, please listen. The Son didn't become dust because the Father could no longer look at you. The Son became dust because this story exists for the fulfillment of our dream: to share our intimacy with you, humanity. To open ourselves to you and share our oneness with you. 

We made dirt and breathed into it and created you, humanity, that you might be one heart and mind with us. 

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