If Paul's down on his knees, begging for hearts to be enlightened and God's love for people to be made known to them -- then why am I anyplace different? 

There can be no division in love. Love cannot be compartmentalized. There is no sector baricading the love between us and God, and us and people. 

See, as long as we're unaware and unchanged and unconvinced and detached from the reality of God's love for us -- we find ourselves desperately clinging to people and ideals in an attempt to somehow attain the love we're continually yearning for. This kind of approach to people makes the goal of relationship a means to our own gain. 

We must be absolutely, wholeheartedly assured of God's love for us. If we're wholly aware and immersed in the love of God, we're fully satisfied in our knowledge of who He is -- and know that there is nothing more for us to gain, and nothing left for us to lose. If we know how fully in love God is with us, then we know ourselves as fully loved. 

Then, our lives are lived not in clamouring pursuit but graced response. 

An act of grace is always deliberate humility. Grace is always the breaking of pride. "As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him." Let's stop pretending there's any other road besides the One who is Truth and Life, 

this grace road right Home. You don't make it alone. It's constant breaking and bowing right into each other and Holy God, broken and made whole right into forever. 

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