It's not written nice. It's more a confession.

It's feels like we've forgotten how to love each other, 

We need to know how Jesus loves us 

So can live in response to this, 
Not in order to be loved 
But because we know how fully we are loved 

However You will God make known to us Your love for us

We're so eager to take on a plan of action in own progression because it's a means for us to gain approval from people & a  chance at being glorified while at the same time 'pleasing' God. 

Ephesians 3:14-20... If we really want to live? The literal heart of the matter must be addressed. 

We have to know the love of Jesus. There's this catch, though: it's a love that surpasses knowledge. It's a love that we can't know. 

This is nothing us. Nothing. 
We have to give up. 
And depend completely on God. 

And is there anyone that approves of this? 

If we can know the love of Jesus 
We won't need anything
And everything will be gift. 

However you will it God?
Reassure us and all our insecurity -- 

That no matter what,
We know your love for us. 

Because loving in order to be loved isn't loving at all. 

I can almost picture it, what it would be like, knowing ourselves as fully loved by Jesus, the same way the Father loves him.  Almost. I can almost feel it. 

It's too extraordinary to understand.

A loving lived not of a desire to be loved --
But out of a knowledge that we are already fully loved. 

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