without walls

The curtain, how in this blanketed cover of darkness, it tore.
Rocks are split in pieces, tombs are opened and the dead are raised.
Tearing, breaking, opening, rising.
This growing, this yeast in dough. This planted seed, becoming this Tree home for the birds that fly free.
The Kingdom Life, it grows.

In a little white church someplace out in the country, we’re saying words aloud.
Your love unknown
Has broken every barrier down,
And I fasten my eyes on the stained glass window and I wonder how there’s us here, and the people meeting together across the street, and the people we know all the way into town, another Sunday –
Why do we surround ourselves with walls?
I picture these old wooden pews and us, this people –
Without walls.
We’re centimetres and metres and kilometres apart,
And you’d never know it near or far, these walls whose cornices meet tight with the rooftop.
And we sung on,
Just as I am, of that free love –

His love unknown? Unknown?
Broken down every barrier.
 That free love --
Free is abused and free is a handout and free makes us greedy.
Free costs nothing and free is discarded as insignificant and free is tossed aside.

Amerimnos, free from anxiety.

Broken down every barrier.
They’re all broken down.
They’re mirages we pretend exist and oh, how they dictate the way we see and the way we live.

They’re all broken down.
Jesus broke them all down.
The foot of the Tree,
Some good gift wrapped underneath,
Happy Christmas morning,
Be careful with the wrapping?

Oh, oh.
The foot of the Tree is where the blood gathers,
This steady flow, this red –
These blistered feet,
Hammered deep.

This day darkness crowds in,
This day it envelops earth –
This day blood pours down.

Masking compassion with shyness,
And inability with selfishness.
Feigning oblivion for care,
This secretion of truth with silence.

Every barrier broken down,
Every lame excuse a refusal to bow down deep.

Exhilaration begins to burn.
Every barrier broken down,
All these unworthy loved.

We are this unworthy, loved.
Cried mercy at empty, we did.
And this mercy is this bleeding,

At the breaking.

Every barrier broken down and –
Every unworthy, loved.

When Bread breaks, eyes are opened.

Every barrier broken down.
We are the unworthy,
And we are loved.

And it is the simplest life, it is.

He said live in me. He said do this,
By obeying my commands,
And my command is this:

Love one another, as I’ve loved you.

Every unworthy.
Free love.
With absolutely nothing to gain. 

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