Hope can’t be in what I want and what I wish I could achieve. Hope can’t be in matters of attainment and succeeding, in the gaining of everything. Because I know that this everything will always be an empty nothing, should it remain this frenzied anxious hope.

“The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living.” Hebrews 11:1

This fullness I so desperately want to enter into, the Life of the Promise – we take the over-dreamed hopes and examine the intensity with which we seek these: and extend this same intensity toward a full-bodied hope. (Hebrews 6)

A full-bodied hope in a deep-rooted foundation of faith in God that is everything that makes life worth living.

The giant is intimidating and if only we could face it, all beyond is surely a mere spring breeze –

But I cannot beat it.

My hope is rooted in the demolition of the giant and… it is too big for me.

I fear it madly. I fear it because my hope is timid and bendy and is rooted in empty nothing. I fear it because it depends on what the critics are gonna say and Jesus, he says don’t worry what the critics are going to say, and it's written down by Paul in his letter to Timothy. 

A full-bodied hope that doesn’t care about what the critics are going to say isn’t a hope rooted in circumstance, or words, or ticked boxes.

This full-bodied hope in a fully-Alive God.

This is what is everything in the worth of living.

This is what permeates itself in and through and all within all.

And this is faith. Full-bodied hope in the God who is Living and Present. 

Look to the Promise, not the giant. 

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