it's a verb

Truths discovered in that Spring kind of morning where the sky is all grey but it's not freezing cold anymore and you're kind of expecting a storm and it's just beautiful.

Dying to myself, it must be a form of surrender. And surrender, it's a daily thing.

I woke up a few minutes after dancing across the stage with 1D's Niall. CS Lewis' words about submitting to death my ambitions dreams and so on, I prayed in my half-asleep manner greatly affected by daylight savings -- instead of it being six thirty in the morning, which is early anyway, well, if this was last week it would be five thirty and is that just insane or what?

Because I realized that I hadn't instantly gotten a mind and heart like Christ's and I guess it's a verb, huh,

You are being transformed, by the renewing of your mind. 

Cuz Home, Home is the place we'll truly be transformed.

God, I pray that today You'll transform out hearts and minds to be a little more like Yours. In that, a people more able to live and love and give selflessly. Like You.
With You, because of Your spirit, by Your grace. 

Jeremiah 44, I must leave my evil life. Today. 

Fix my eyes on You. 

And then we went off and drove to school and all the people on the radio wouldn't stop talking, they do that sometimes, so Mum put her iPod on shuffle. And I don't know what the song was, but I heard the words, and they said breathe... fix my eyes on You and I was like woah yes. 

Because there's miracles in all of it because Christ is all of it. 

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