there's always water, isn't there? because the tide, it always comes in. but Christ, He walks on water. He makes the bottom of the ocean 'a road for the redeemed to walk across'; the redeemed, all of us we are purely saved by Grace and in that are redeemed. He tells the waters to calm and He keeps us from being devoured by them. 

If God hadn't been for us...

We would have been swallowed alive...
Swept away by the flood of rage,
    drowned in the torrent;
We would have lost our lives
    in the wild, raging water.

And the flood, it seemed like it went forever. And then, sometime ago, an olive branch just went and landed on me and I was like what's that and then I was like the flood. The olive branch. But then it was like it wasn't really over and months went by and there were little blessed miracles in all of it and then there was a rainbow and life went on and then, yesterday,

I was staring at the cloudy sky, intent, seeking You with all I had, begging You to be here because You said You would and I was afraid of death and of what do we live for I don't know, I, my soul, me, was just crying out, fallen, broken,

and I opened my bible and You said

Your business is life, not death. Follow Me. Pursue life. 

I've died, I've been crucified. With Christ. 

Galatians 2:20

It's all because of grace.
Grace, it's the way Home. 

Faith, it's to completely rely on something. 
Faith, it's trusting that what you believe... is Truth. 

It's being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

if i had everything i want
i wouldn't have anything i need 

Jesus, be everything i want
because You're everything i need.

Folk, we're so blessed to be alive. 

cherish right now
what i have Today.
cherish what is,
be grateful for it.
don't hold on. 
not what i don't have,
that's not today.
cherish right now. 
watching the 1D boys on TV,
going to school, 
grey sky,
be grateful for what is Today 
and don't want more. 
cherish it,
and don't hold on. 
because Today, is not about what i can get. 
it's about what God gives. 
and being grateful for it. 

romans 8:4-17

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