tomorrow.. i will bow before Him

today, i am here.
tomorrow, i will bow before Jesus. 

i reckon we need to do what we can for people, like Jesus said, what we wish they'd do for us, that kind of thing. listen to music that gets us, inspires us, encourages us, makes us go, "oh i so know what they mean." write words, play melodies, speak truths, act in kindness. continue to worry no more about the little things, because if we're bowing before Jesus tomorrow then that gives some kind of perspective, i think, about what really matters, you know? like how you might think, "oh, i should talk to them," or, "i should really do that," but then you might get scared or something -- but, mate, God loves us and perfect love drives out fear, okay so i don't totally know what that means but it's got love and love is stronger than fear, bigger than fear, and loving God, having faith in God, believing in Him is putting our trust in God: doing what we know we have to do, despite our fear. despite what people will think, how we might feel, how hopeless something might seem... 

today, we are here. adventuring, sharing stories, learning to love; messing up and doing things wrong but learning to make things right, too; strangers in this place, according to psalm 119. 
and tomorrow, we're going Home. 


think about that. really think about it. tomorrow i will bow before Jesus.

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