the revised life of ellie sweet

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So, I was rather privileged to read this before its release date. Written by the wonderful Stephanie Morrill -- who blogs over at that ridiculously awesome place called Go Teen Writers -- The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet had me smiling so big. No, really -- it was around midnight when my sister looked at me from her bed.

"Are you reading my Facebook messages?"
I kept reading. "No."
"Are you sure? You look really excited."

Stephanie's Latest ReleaseThe story is about this girl, Gabrielle Sweet -- but everyone calls her Ellie. No-one calls her Gabrielle because, according to her parents who had picked out the name before she was born -- she "didn't look right."

Her friends are sort of a hazy confusion right now, and someplace in it all surfaces these two guys with about the best names in a book ever -- Chase and Palmer. How cool are they?

Stephanie Morrill's latest book (that would be this one) made me smile. Snort. Giggle. Sigh with happiness.

So, a little about the book?

"When ousted by her lifelong friends, teen writer Ellie Sweet takes to story writing as self-therapy. She casts herself as Lady Gabrielle, a favorite in the medieval Italian court, her ex-friends as her catty rivals, and makes a pesky rake of the boy who thinks he’s too good for her in real life. But when Ellie achieves the impossible and her “coping mechanism” becomes a published novel, she faces the consequences of using her pen as her sword."

Only one thing: It's an ebook. You can't get it in print. Steph? Steph? Are you there? Can we please...please... be able to hold this book? Sincerely, a book lover. 

...wait for it, did you read the comments of this post? The paperback version is coming soon! Aaaah!

PS Thanks for writing such a good book. 

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  1. You're so sweet, Emii! And, actually, paperbacks should be available soon.... Stay tuned!

    1. For real? Okay, I just got really excited. Really, really excited.


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