"sometimes I want to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world... But I am afraid He may ask me the same thing."

me and one my friends, we were talking about Heaven today. how you can't really comprehend it; how good it is, or anything. even the fact that we're really going there. i mean, all i understand is that i'm alive. 

but i know Heaven is real, and that in maybe not too long, i'll be Home. that's a thought to ponder; if i'm going to Heaven tomorrow, then today... i must love how i am always unsure to, say the things i'm scared to say. i must give up my life. to Jesus. 

because suddenly all that matters is how i've loved. huh. 

psalm 119, "i am a stranger in this place."

adventure on, folks.  
Jesus is with us always.

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