because is.

movies wouldn't be the same without music.
running cross country in the rain makes you kind of numb but it's kind of nice, too.
reading a book in class when you're supposed to be listening and laughing out loud because Jenny B Jones is so hilarious and trying to explain to the teacher that no, there's nothing funny about visual perception... 

Serious. You have to go read everything you can by Jenny B Jones -- like There You'll Find Me and the one I'm reading now, A Charmed Life. Amazing stuff. I've laughed too many times to count. And while you're at it, check out Confessions of a PK by Besty St Amant. 

alive by gabrielle aplin, that's what i'm listening to right at this moment, and you know i've been reading so much lately i've hardly listened to music at all so this is nice.

the day over here, it's nearly over, but it's been nice in that shivering-in-the-rain with a bunch of friends kind of way, laughing about things and checking out the green grass and running to stand in the sun before it goes to hide behind the trees. where your jacket's all wet but it's surely warmer than no jacket, and you dream about hot chips and hot chocolate and the fire, which i'm next to right now. blessed, that's it.

thanks, God. thankYou.

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