playlist fiction: review, "glass girl"

I'm a part of the Playlist Fiction street-team, which basically means I get to read the books written by these talented-as writers and then... talk and write and sing about them. And I'm not joking, I've only read two so far and they were both hands-down the best books I've read in so long. I haven't stayed up till one am reading since the Hunger Games days!

Glass Girl -- written by Laura Anderson Kurk, who is "one of those lucky souls who gets to live in a college town," -- is the kind of story that pulls you into its world like a warm fire on a rainy wintry day and there's a hot chocolate with pink and white marshmallows and a little foamy stuff on the top just waiting for you to sip it slowly, to take a seat and stare out the window and admire the world for how it is.

It's a story that somehow invited me to stay, a story of longing and grief and cute cowboys. Meg was real, she thought real and she acted real. Her family was real. They fell apart and they tried to fix the pieces and... we learned to remember, to consider, to hold on to: what really matters.

I absolutely love this part right here, in the essay the Meg's cowboy boyfriend wrote in his college applications --

"we...have a faith that tells us that most of what we worry about it life is insignificant -- the popularity we've achieved, the things we've accumulated, the races we've won. Nothing really matters except our relationships with our Maker, with the people we love and share our lives with, and with the people we're able to help along the way." Glass Girl, pg 293

Just one question. What's with this world and e-books? I don't want to send my friends an e-book for their birthday. I want to wrap up a book! Here's the link to buy it. No joke, I loved it. 

Thank you, Laura Anderson Kurk, for writing. Also, look out for a new mini-interview soon! Featuring... can you guess?! Well, you'll have to. 

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  1. Omg I fell in love with this story when I read the first version that she self-published. So in love. I can't wait to read the new version, and I especially can't wait to read Perfect Glass!



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