so have a good day

if i know the way home and am walking along it drunkenly, is it any less the right way because i am staggering from side to side? -- leo tolstoy
I had a dream Justin Bieber legally changed his name to Justin Beaver because people kept getting it wrong. Happy Birthday, by the way, JB.

I was cleaning out the mess under my bed and found a CD, Brooke Fraser: What to do with daylight, I found it at an opshop a few weeks ago, didn't even look at it till now. Opening it up, I was shocked to see the above quote. Shocked, why? Because someone just shared this quote with me, and there it was again. Am loving this music, this song called Save the World.

relient k <3

keep goin'. keep learning, keep being, doing what you know you have to, even if it's hard. write words, sing songs, play games, tell jokes, dance.
there's lots of words i'd like to write, so many things i've learned about truth and life itself and being and us but i don't how, so i think i'll go write my book, have a good day, mates.

lifeline, brooke fraser

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