connector textas + memories

i was in class today, finishing up the page in my colouring book (because what else does a year eleven student have to do in psychology class?) and started playing with the textas, twirling them round and round in a big connected circle. 

and i saw the pink and the blue shades of colours together, and was struck by some kind of memory, i don't know what exactly, just some kind of memory that was the reason i hated that colour combination for a long time, a lot of years in fact, i rather like it now, so i guess the dreaded fear of the colours has gone down, which is great, i suppose. 

and then i saw blue and grey, which reminded me of a top i got for my sixteenth birthday, (i turned seventeen the other day, by the way, i was twelve when i started this blog, time goes much much much too fast these days...) a top that exact shade of blue that has Gus the Bus on it, you know, Todd's car. Christy Miller? The books? by Robin Jones Gunn. yeah. :)

i guess why i am writing, rambling perhaps, about something so playful and seemingly insignificant as texta colours is because... by sitting there in class and not knowing what to do, you can go a thousand places by mixing the combinations of colours, clicking them into place and going back to some time or moment or even the reminder of a dream or a person, something good. without even knowing it, and then you put the light green and the grey together and bam, some part of you lights up and you remember.

well, i thought it was something cool to think about. 


  1. I want some of those! I've never seen them :P Maybe we don't have them? :( Anyway, I love how certain colors or smells can take you back to some long lost memory... :) Happy belated birthday Emii!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful year :)

    1. you don't?! they're rather fun! yeah, and plus it's something good to involve in a book to write, gives it a bit of depth i suppose. :) and THANKS!!


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