and we ducked behind the wall and crawled away...

aren't school excursions just the best? so we jumped on the bus, our psychology class (after eight weeks in the subject, it still took me a few tries just now to spell psychology right :P) and we went to a museum and ate food and explored and had a bit of fun with illusioness and such, and the bus ride, i love a good bus ride through the city where you plug in the headphones and watch everything fly by, all the fashions in the different things people do, they don't all look the same there, not like here. and my friends and i, call us a little mental, we were *mentally* repinning our favourite things. good, good fun.

"simply embrace what the spirit is doing in us." romans 8: 4b

well, i have to go feed the cat. i'm coming, jimmy-jay, i'm coming. stay out of the kittens food!

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