joy in life

you know what? i think the only real joy in life comes when we're obeying God. when we're doing what we know we have to be. regardless how perfect or wonderful something might seem like it would be... from experience, i reckon that if we're following God, being with Him, trusting Him and making the decisions to do what we know, someplace inside us even if it's not that obvious, we got to do; that's when we find joy. it's a beautiful thing. the relief, the peace, the real joy. that's when we find it. knowing that He is all.

it's a rainy grey day today, summer is drawing to a close. from my window here i can see my cat walkin' around the outside, more like prowling, really, but still. i'm still reading one corinthians, it's filled with many many truths. a blessing.

"her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit." one corinthians 7

God came for us
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a truth that's brought me comfort many, many times. 
well, i'm off. going to watch sense and sensebility. i've never seen it before, loved the book though. 


  1. Is it the version with Kate Winslet? We have that copy and it's great :) Beautiful post and I love that verse! I've only just started 1 Corinthians...but I've already read so many great verses! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

    1. yupp, that's the one! we started but had to stop from insane tiredness, school is exhausting!


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