book review: catching fire

Catching Fire

So I was reading The Hunger Games for the what-th? time... and, quite frankly, was just a bit sick of it. I mean, I've seen the movie three times and I just didn't want to go through the whole thing again.

Enter, Catching Fire.

I've only read this one, like, twice. (Yes, I am a definite re-reader, folks. Some people say they've never read a book twice. My library isn't big enough for that kind of thing...)

This book made me laugh. You don't really expect that, reading these books. And a book that has the power to do do that is, in my opinion, a good book.

Catching Fire, pre-games trainingTo me (at the risk of sounding like someone who over-thinks way too much and finds something to mean something in too many things...*ahem*) The Hunger Games is about so much more than the choosing of the Baker Boy or the Hunter Guy. It's more than Katniss' shooting skills and the tragicity of the whole fighting thing.

Suzanne Collins' books have done something. Much like that moment when Katniss lifted out those berries and lit that spark to fire the whole country of Panem -- she's shown us something. She's shown me how I lead a life so strikingly similar to that of a citizen of the Capitol. She's shown me that the people in developing countries are hardly scraping by on mostly nothing, growing our coffee beans and making our shoes and whoever knows what else. I'm starting to think the whole "Made in China" sticker is just a gimmick. Like maybe in the Capitol they wrote, "Made in the Capitol" and the people think everything's just fine and dandy.

Page 138, Katniss says:
"but what is the worst pain? to me, it's always the pain that is present."

I don't like sci-fi. I don't like futuristic stuff. If I go to a "If you liked the Hunger Games" bookstand, usually I don't like the book. Because they scare me. Why's The Hunger Games different? I think it's because... there's a very real element about them.

And by the way. You know the arena's? Where they fight? (Nah, Emii, what's that? Duh.) Do you reckon that, in the books, they actually make them... or just use the rest of the world?

Okay, I'm done now. Entering the real world. ;)

Catching Fire <3
hilarious. really.


  1. Those are definitely some great thoughts. I'm having trouble remember the last picture as it has been forever since I read CF (really need to reread) for the second time. I'm not really a rereader (unless it's a great book) but I had to reread THG & CF a couple times to refresh my memory. For the movies and we read it the one semester I went to a co'op. Anyhows...I'd have to agree with what you said about it not being (really) between Gale & Peeta but survival and THE HUNGER GAMES. That is the title of the first book and the series after all. I'm pretty sure Suzanne Collins intended for the book to be a reality check not a twilight knockoff. (pardon me if anyone reads this and likes twilight...it's overrated, just saying) It's more about the government and rebellion. A real chance of what could be coming in the future while the romance was barely in the first book and still not that big in the second & third books. Hump. Like there was any contest. Peeta of course. I think that on the surface THG series is an interesting read with non-stop action (apart from the third book which I really did not enjoy but I only read it once...) and good characters. But when you dig deeper you can find so many things to ponder and consider. To really think about the experience. And the danger of writing long comments :p Sorry :) But a really interesting post Emii! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

    1. Love Hunger Games. I've never actually read Twilight but I like that song that's apparently on the movie, by Christinna Perry, A Thousand Years. :) Ohh, how can you choose?! It's awful watching the movie, I can't stand it, I just almost start crying as Gale watches Peeta and Katniss together...... but I like Peeta too.... ohh, you should read Mockingjay again. I didn't get it really the first time but the second time I really got into it, it's about so much... the first time it just gave me nightmares. :P Thanks, Sierra. :)

  2. I absolutely love the Hunger Games as well. I have yet to re-read the series, but I really think I'm going to have to. Especially after reading this post. Suzanne Collins is a brilliant writer. I can't wait to see Catching Fire in the theaters this November. =)


    1. SO SO PUMPED FOR CATCHING FIRE!!! Yes definitely re-read. :D


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