being, without a definition

there's so many words in this world! i'm going to go read God's. because when all else fails, He doesn't. because when everything you thought you could hold on to is out of your grasp, His hand is holding yours. it's me who doesn't get it, who doesn't get that God is everything and He loves us because "He is God," as Max Lucado said.

Dad and my sister are playing music, the words are,

change my heart oh God,
may I be like You

I don't want to live another day tyrannized by what I want. Eyes to the ground, wondering what I look to other people. How did Jesus live? He loved where He was, the people around Him, however He could. He took last place, He was the servant of all.

dear Jesus, 
oh please, 
do a miracle in me. 

Brooke Fraser says,
our time is but a breath 
so we better breathe it

Words fail us, we break promises. Like Paul says; the things we want to do, we don't do; the things we don't want to do, we do. I guess what we can do is make things right, seek forgiveness. 

and go outside and look at the stars, stare at the clouds, and listen. because God said in Jeremiah that, when we come and pray to Him, when we seek Him with all we are... we will find Him. 

that's a promise.

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