a bunch of words then a bunch of laughableness from pinterest :D

do you guys feel like you spend more time drowning in the water than you do walking on it? not literally, but you know. sometimes i do.

and do you hate making the wrong decision? like, why did i just do that? and not knowing how to make it right? sometimes i do.

but what joy in seeing the good in a day. what a blessing. and check this out: i'm in VCE now, and that means... no maths. i am a hundred percent serious. although, to be honest, i was just getting into the whole mathematical thing. as in, it excited me.

that moment when the air con's on because it's so hot outside and the door slams and you're like, ah! and your ears are like, ouch.

the last few weeks i've been so exhausted. tryin' to everything right and failing rather miserably. it seems better now. those days, i made running my top priority. i made everything a priority. everything except the only One i needed. there was me, drowning. again.

and He did come. rescue me.

oh, funny story. so i was chillin' in my little caravan place which i don't really go in much because in trying to get it to smell properly, it's got a combination of lemon, lavender and vanilla incenses, and so my clothes and hair always smell so eek when i go back inside, escaping that suffocating heat of an aussie summer -- trying to write this story i'm writin' for the 100 for 100 challenge over at Stephanie Morrill's blog, Go Teen Writers (and um no, I didn't just get paid for writing that, although i am on the lookout for a job... handed in some resumes but for some reason got no response...;)) -- and... got distracted... by looking up one direction vidoes on youtube... yes... blame my little sister, mate i love their accents...

doing english lit by distance this year, which is kinda cool, although i wouldn't want to do all my classes like this -- but it's nice having the freedom to work when i want to!

so, my question: do you have a job? tell tell tell. just for fun.

we're pretty blessed to be living this life, aren't we?

and so here's some things to make you smile... and maybe even laugh.

this video cracks me up. it's this substitute teacher who comes in and... pronounces names wrong. actually that hilarious.

hahahha! love it.Kung Fu Spider   haha yes!

Because who doesn't make a cake that looks exactly like a tree stump?
name in a maths problem, yes!;)
hahaha that makes me smile;)
level: expert
seriously though

okay, so maybe i got carried away. but seriously, go here if you wanna laugh more. ;)

'kay have a good day! 


  1. Haha I love these! That texting one confused me at first but that's brilliant lol. =) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, took me a moment to get it to, but it's pretty genius!


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