oh! it's been forever since i've written. it's summer and i've been outside, lifting my face to the sun... but turning away quickly before it turns red in this blazing heat.

i went to the tennis! Federer was amazing, of course. makes me want to go to Switzerland! and i do want to go there. i would've loved to see Federer and Tomic play, but it wasn't too bad on the TV, i suppose... ;)
Photo: Federer. Pretty sure he was looking right at us in that moment... ;) I think I'll get an autograph next year.

have you seen that site, dear photograph? well, we visited my grandparents, gathered up some ancient photos, rode into town and snapped some shots! ...memories, they're something we hold onto, huh? i'll post a picture when my pop sends them!

we had some friends visit, stay a few nights, and they have a little girl, she must be about one and a half. oh, so cute! i love this age. they speak their own language and explore and discover things and it's so beautiful and it makes me smile. a lot. it made me happy.

and yeah. listening to a bit of relient k and avril lavigne, running, goin' to the beach, oh we got a little kitten, so cute! how's things goin' for you?

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  1. It's winter here, so that all sounds really nice! Especially going to the beach. =) Do you live in Australia?


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