sometimes we get tired.
we sort of fade away, we grow a bit distant,
we wonder what hope really is.
sometimes, it's hard to know.

but it's real, okay?
to live by faith means that we don't always understand,
but we do know that Hope is coming for us.
that it might seem like everythings falling apart, because maybe it is,
but Jesus is always real. He doesn't blend into nothing, out of everything. no, no, no.

we must hold onto hope, because... it's an anchor for our souls, that's what the Bible says, this hope we have. we've got nothing else but hope. maybe everything else seems real and hope is just a distant lullaby we like to sing as we fall asleep. but i think that it's just, when our world isn't going right, maybe that's when we start to doubt hope. but it's as real as it ever was. and like Jesus tells us, we got to stand firm. He's holding your hand; it's okay, it's okay!

it's definitely a God-thing, the fact that i just went on Pinterest and clicked on this picture. 
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  1. That's awesome about the Pinterest coincidence! This is a great post. I love that scripture. =)


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