He satisfies

do you know, sometimes we are so oblivious to the pains of others. all we worry about are our own petty problems that in the scheme of eternity are irrelevant and mean nothing and display only a distrust in Jesus. but maybe let's take a moment to think; and then write somebody a letter, just saying how you're thankful for their friendship and you're praying for them; instead of scrounging up feeble excuses to yourself, write it because kind words, well they soothe the soul, comfort our hearts, bring a decided peace, do they not? 

and as for the worrying, the excessive planning on our part, the wanting wanting wanting and over-thinking and all we become; why not could we pray to Jesus to open our eyes; because when He does, we see today. the sunrise looks different than a moment ago; the trees in the breeze whisper a present hope; the clouds move in a swift sort of elegance and the very fact of our being becomes something of a good enough dream that hope in Jesus is what we need, we know it is every piece of our life we're ever are.

*He satisfies*
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