because like i love cookies

Cookie dough is one of those things that just tastes so good. My mouth is practically watering just thinking about it. Especially when it's got things like M&M's and white choc chips in it. 

And so the other day I made these cookies. I used this recipe and got rid of the normal choc-chips (we didn't have any, anyway, or I would used them, as well;)) and used M&M's and white choc-chips. 

vanilla essence smells so good! 
soft butter

Mmm, vanilla essence. 

YUMMYYY! Oh yum yum yum. I'm rather surprised I got any cookies out of this, with the amount of that dough we were eating!:P

So, that time I left them in a little too long. But the cookies currently living in our kitchen are like, one step up from cookie dough and they're deliciously scrumptiously delectable.

Anyway, so hope your week's going good and oh we had the best thunderstorm last night! And I remembered those lyrics from that Casting Crowns song, I will praise You in this storm. It was awesome, that storm. 
the call, regina spector
sense and sensibility, jane austen 


  1. Glad to see that M&M's are popular where you live. We can't live without them here : )

  2. This reminds me of a book I read a few months ago, called "Things I've Learned Lately" by Danae Jacobson. It's like a personally written devotional, and the first devotional/vignette is called, "Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Better as Dough."


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