Mere Christianity

five for fighting, 100 Years
i still miss you, hawk nelson

one of the things that brings life into our souls is to pray. when you go outside, when you see people; pray for them. for their lives, for their dreams and their hurts and their prayers. pray for them. we forget about our selves and love our neighbour.
Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. 
i had so many questions, there were so many things that never added up, that ceased to be anything besides some contemplative piece to puzzle in my imagination. 
and then one a day when i was a bit sad, my thoughts reflecting the rainy day that spring had invited over for the week, i scanned the books on the shelves, and i picked it up. 
and then i didn't put it down.
i haven't even read the Chronicles of Narnia, you know, though i do want to. but here i am, reading Mere Christianity, and it was the most... i understood things i'd never seen before. i saw. God wasn't some story, Heaven some unreachable destination all of life, and love others wasn't some useless task, and everything i've pondered and wondered the past few weeks, well you see... 
i do see. 
there are too many things that now reside in my soul, knowledge i understand, wisdom i've sought; truth i know. because i read the book, and to love our enemies means something. to know God is to know Him, and oh it is real. 
there isn't words for me to say anything, 
because to know God 
is something that...
that is real. 
so many thoughts and things i've not dared to voice,
how can i really love God? i don't feel like i love God, really. 
and CS Lewis, he wrote about it,
wrote about it he did. 

i'm not alone, is the thing. neither are you. 
because i know, better than i ever did before,
that God here. 
it was midnight last night as we were driving home from someplace where there was lots of laughter,
and i looked up at the sky, 
the moon so bright, so high
the clouds hovering below it. 
and i saw,
how big You are
because i cannot comprehend anything beyond the sky, if even that much
dear God, 
i know nothing. 
except that,
You are here, You are real. 
oh yes. 

please do, if you can find a copy, read Mere Christianity. just like CS Lewis himself tells you in the book, you do not have to read every chapter. 
my prayer
is that God may pour Himself into your spirit 
and open your eyes to Him around you
as He has done to me. 

"whoever asks anything in my name, they shall receive it," is what Jesus said. 
psalm 119:105,
Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.


  1. Mere Christianity changed my life! It took me so long to read but it really made me think!

    1. i'm thinking of re-reading it! haha. oh, i know!

  2. Hey Emii,

    Wow. My family actually has a copy of "Mere Christianity" but I've never read it before. I didn't realize it was that powerful. Your post is beautiful and has inspired me to start reading it. =)

    Also, I had a question. Would you be willing to host a stop on my blog tour this fall? If so, please email me at christiswrite (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!


  3. Oh my gosh, I love C.S. Lewis. I've only read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by him, but that book is so magical. I think I'll pick this book up when I get back to the States.

    1. narnia sits in my bedroom so i'd better pick it up! yes, yes do.


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