who are we?

My mum read The Hunger Games yesterday. I hardly saw her after we got back from school. There she sat on the couch, the rest of us occasionally walking past, seething with jealousy because she got to read it for the first time.

She just showed me this post she found on The Hunger Games and I absolutely love what it says. Different from all other reviews of this book, this article has put me on the spot and I'm thinking.

Last night, I was doing history homework (homework nights have finally arrived, after all these years!) and answered a couple of questions on this guy called Oskar Schindler. He was an 'unlikely hero'. Much like Katniss, much like... us?

This is the post. It's not long, and it's gonna make us think. And maybe, who knows --  we'll push out of this capitolistic society of hunger game entertainment and materialism and seek to love and serve the districts?

dear Jesus,
we are blessed to simply be and allow You to live, love and work through us.
guide us. lead us.
hold us.
teach us.
let us see


  1. I've been trying to get my mom to read the series. It's so hard to explain that it's not just about kids killing kids. So once she reads it I know she'll like it too. Anyways, great post! I'm going over to read that other post right now. :)

  2. I just finished Catching Fire last night, now I'm dying to get the third one!! Aaaahhh!!!! =D

  3. Loooveee the Hunger Games!! Peeta or Gale? (PEETA!!!) haha. It's definitely a very strong book with a very strong message.


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