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the thing that always gets us? that thinking of it's all about me. here's a new header, like the old one but i couldn't find it. and when we stop thinking about ourselves, we're not so worried anymore and we care about people and the world is a better place for it.

Writer? check out this post by Roseanna White  -- some suggestions of writing fix-ups that ensure a better chance of not being rejected by an editor!

Inspiration Monday over at Tessa's blog always encourages me. Three verses, three songs, three quotes.

A post by a lady who was in the movie theatre when the shooting happened; this post made me realize that it was real, not some piece of news on channel seven. My face was practically stuck to the screen as I read. I need to pray for the people.

i took this one. found a cool editing site.

to trust Jesus means that, no matter what we think or what... we lift up our hands and give it to Him and we hold His hand and follow.

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  1. I'll go check out those posts, thanks for sharing Emii! Lovely photo, and nice new header! :)


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