simply, raining.

This morning I woke up at six-thirty. EARLY! But I got up. I went outside and I sat on the verandah in the freezing cold.

The sky dark grey, rain sprinkling over the grass, occasionally landing on my sock-covered feet. Breathing in the icy air. The most beautiful day.

And then I watched, occasionally snapping a few photos, as God painted the sunrise. A layer of light pink. A  darker pink smudged over the top and, above it, a golden glow. I sat there and I breathed in the day. 

Psalm 46:10, 
Be still and know that I am God.

dear God, 
thankYou for mornings. for Winter, even though sometimes I complain and get goosebumps; it's a beautiful, beautiful season. 
please, be with me as i speak, as i do, as i think and as i wonder and travel and be. 

i am blessed, to simply be and allow Jesus to love through me. 

oh it's pouring rain. 
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