recipes, and hey, today is today and it's what we got.

dreams... that you are certain could become a great novel.
thinking...it would be cool to get a typewriter.
hot chocolate... on these rainy days.
maths tutoring... because i got three and a half on my latest test.

oh i just love that we're here, and the sky is grey and raindrops fall and adventure is just like, "hey, we're here! where are you? oh wait, you're here too, let's go!" knowing that the mistakes don't matter, that forgiveness is real and it's never the end of the world until that day comes and then Heaven, being with Jesus and then adventure in Heaven which is like no possibility of any impossible dream, the most... good thing.

i just saw a picture of crepes on Pinterest and now I really, really want to eat them. Maybe that's an adventure for a different day. Mmm, with lemon butter and berries and banana and maybe a bit o' cream...

What do you have on your pancakes/crepes? And what kind of recipe do you use -- an old family one that's on this torn piece of paper that's been handed down from your great-great-great-great granny, or "basic pancakes" on Google? Do tell!

And then admire this delicious-looking picture.

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