oh the truth

do you sometimes wish you could just leave school for a little bit, find some old car, turn on the radio, and drive down roads you've never been, discover places to have a picnic in the trees, and then drive a bit more, meet a few people, write words in the concrete, laugh about absolutely nothing?

there's so much routine in a school day. you say words you wish you didn't say, you don't have the words for what you wish you could say, your mind spins around and around and you don't really know who you are or who you want to be, why you're here and what on earth you're supposed to open your eyes and see.

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when things don't turn out the way you wanted them, or it turns out you didn't know and you just sort of wonder what life really is, how God is real but you just know that He is, and you have to believe it with everything you are but you need to shake yourself awake and lift your head out of the sand and seek to find Him, really find Him, because you have to know truth, you can't just keep on by, mumbling words and trying to translate your heart to understandable language that you can understand. 

maybe it's just time to cry and cry for awhile, to write a book, to record all your dreams and ponder everything that seems so distant from reality, but you know there's always a possibility of hope, of goodness, and nothing good is impossible. because you know, God didn't just plomp us here because he ran out of space in some other place. no, mate, there is a reason i'm here and your here and actually, it's not about finding that reason, but living, living, seeking God and...

you know what? when our heart begins to smile, when all the panic and stress and unsurity disappears? it's when we lose our fear about what people think about us. when you decide to trust God with Prince Charming and with your friends and your family, you stop worrying about what you said and will say.
sometimes i wonder what life would be like if the internet, technology wasn't here. if we had to spend our lives sitting outside, lying on the grass, reading a book that throws you into some other place, some other persons dreams. if we didn't have facebook but we wrote our friends letters, inviting them to come over in two weeks time, and i'd see them in town one of these days. we could all meet in a cafe, or browse through a bookshop or go to the park and take turns on the swings, or busk on the street and only make a dollar or two but mate, that's the whole fun of it. fall in love and walk down the aisle to a piano and a guitar playing a wedding song, smiling at him and the exchanging of rings. and you know what, we can make decisions. we can say "today i'll write a letter" and then write a letter, find a stamp and send it off. what a dream!

because this is life right here, and to be honest, just typing all these words makes me feel better. i don't have any idea of the music that i'm listening to, i don't know much of anything.

and you know what, that's a pretty damn good thing. we don't have to worry because we've just got no idea! we can open our eyes in the morning, stare at at that beautiful morning that God has given us and exahale in the air and believe in hope. believe that there is so much hope. because oh, mate, there is!

psalm a hundred and nineteen, 
i am a stanger on this earth. 

but oh we are not alone. we are strangers. we must hear stories, play music, do what we love. and most importantly, we must love and be loved, by God. and then mate, there's no worries. have you heard i can only imagine, by mercyme?

in Jesus' name


  1. I absolutely love this post Emii! You are so right! Life is a beautiful thing, and there's no guarantees, and we've only got one, so we need to live, enjoy, explore and most importantly not worry too much! Very inspiring words! Thanks so much for writing this post! :)

  2. beautiful post, Emii...except i've never heard you curse before...and i'm praying that was an accident.

    the things you said here are such a reflection of how i've been feeling lately...i was looking through the pics you posted, and was thinking about saying how this one really described me...and then i realized that they all did. :) been reading any minds lately? :P

  3. This is lovely. Sometimes it's hard to forget all of the distractions all around us, and your post helped me remember that. Thanks.


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