in a minute, bro!

Me and my little sister decided to make chocolate mousse. Of course, as usual, we realized the eggs needed to be room temperature... so we put them on top of the heater-fire and we're waiting.

She's on the walking machine and I'm... well, I was going to write my proposal. (When I told her that, my sister was like, ":O" She thought I was planning on getting married. No, don't worry, I'm not planning on tying the knot or whatever they say, anytime soon.)

It's called procrastination, right? "Oh, I'll just check Facebook... oh and Blogger... oh, may as well check the emails... ooh, Pinterest -- I could find a picture for my post about procrastinating!"

Why? Because sometimes it's hard to start something. That's why. I've just got to plunge into this. Okay, here I go.

Right after I find a picture...oh, guess what! There's an alpaca for sale at $275. Cool.



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