i can see

So, mum bought a walking machine on Ebay and all that meant to me was that we had to drive all the way to the place to pick it up.

That was a few days ago.

And then today, I stepped on board. I started jogging. "Five more minutes," I told myself.

Half an hour later, sweaty and light-headed, I flopped onto the couch. I was dizzy. I drank a lot of water and then I went and sat outside, on the verandah.

I could see. I could feel, I could think.

They say things like, "Fitness is good not only for your physical health, but your mental health, too," and I yawn and read a book.

That run was exactly what I needed.

Everything all fuzzy? Brain overload? Can't think clearly?

Sounds like some health-fitness add, aha! But I'm not joking. Run around the block if the weather's nice, or whatever.

Keep going. Mate, it feels great.

I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 

i think i'll go take some photos.

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