Go Back To Where You Came From

We watched the last series, where a group of people with different opinions on refugee's and their living in Australia are taken on a trip, becoming a refugee. And now it's on again -- with a bunch of politicians and other famous people being the ones on the journey.

I don't know what to say, except to type that quote again:

what if we stopped living like Christians and started living like Jesus?

I guess that's a pretty controversial bunch of words, I don't know. I do know that they speak a whole lot of truth. At least for me.  You know something? Australia doesn't let refugee's into our country because we don't have enough room. Because our deserts are simply crammed with people. We don't let them in because they don't "enter the right way". It's wrong. Go Back to Where You Came From takes people out from their comfortable space where they can say what they want and puts them in the place where it is. Where they feel and know what's happening. What's real.

Don't people get that... well, I don't know; that people are dying? That they want to live? Can't we help them instead of hating them? Why this hatred? Injustice? Racism? What's with it?

Like I said, I'm reading Mockingjay right now, the third book in the Hunger Games series, and I can feel something. The way the districts have been controlled by the capitol. All the bombing that's happening, the death, the refugee's. The uprisings... everything.

To fight for what we believe... well, I mean, what did Jesus do? How did he live? I think that's what we need to do. We need to read the Bible. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John; we need to see how Jesus loved. I need to. Because we're called to live a life of love just as Jesus did, and we need to know how.

dear Jesus, 
there is so much injustice and hatred in this world. every single place we look. i don't understand it, it's not fair, it's not right. i don't know why. 
teach us, Jesus. guide us. lead us. hold us and show us... 
Jesus, i've died to this world and i am alive in You. 
i don't know what to do, what to say.
but You do. 
i trust You. 

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