words and words and hey, more words?

So, after a day of reading up on Australian publishing and the fact that there's only about twenty literary agents in the entire country and it's a bit different to the American way I've been 'raised' (Check out Go Teen Writers, only one of the best writing communities in the entire world).

...I was on Pinterest, reading up on quotes with my eyes half-closed because I'm so tired -- and I realized something cool about writing. About blogging, about songs.

You can find the words that are colliding all over the walls of your brain, put them next to eachother in an order that makes sense to what your hearts trying to define and then that's that. There's not a thousand billion interupptions, trying to tell you why you're wrong or what can be better. For now, you can just pour out your heart.

That's why I write.

...and, okay. I was going to post an inspiring picture-quote, but...

I couldn't resist.


  1. Haha...that picture..it's so me. I can't bake stuff like that!


  2. Haha, I feel like that's something I might do. :) I know, that's why I love to write too! And pin things on Pinterest!


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