the trust game

The trust game. You know the one -- one person stands and another goes about a metre behind them. The person at the front has to fall backwards -- and trust that the person is going to catch them.

So me and my little sister were playing it. She trusted me great, and I caught her just fine. She trusted me.

Then we swapped positions. I was not so trusting. My feet kept skittering after I fell for a a tenth of a tenth of a second and she hadn't caught me yet. No way was I going to go all the way; what if she dropped me?!

How come she trusted me? Maybe because I'm double her height. A lot heavier. Why didn't I trust her? Maybe because I'm double her height. A lot heavier.

God is calling us to trust Him. To fall back into His arms, knowing that He won't let us fall. He will catch us.

He's so much bigger and stronger than anything in this universe.

So what keeps me from falling into His arms? Why do my feet stutter and I refuse to believe that He'll be there, ready to save me, hold me?

Instead, I put my hope in people and possessions and food and what people say and anything else I can find.


I can't hold myself. No person can hold me. Only You can. Why don't I trust You?

God, what's is MEAN to trust You?
Please show me.


  1. This was a great example!! All your posts are so inspiring.:]


  2. I have the exact same problem. I need to put more trust in God. Have more faith in Him. But it's just so hard. Nice verse! :)


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