mate, it's mr bean!

london olympics 2012

What with the time difference and all, we had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. Of course, we didn't realize there'd be a repeat at two something this afternoon, but that's okay because it was kind of fun. Being awake when you're usually fast asleep.

So, the London Symphony Orchestra gets announced, and I stifle a yawn, snuggling into the cold leather couch, hoping to catch a moment of sleep so that I wouldn't be too grumpy for the entire day.

And then I jolt awake.

Why, Chariots of Fire has just begun playing and there, on the keyboard, jamming on two keys... is Mr Bean!

Oh that made my day. I mean, okay, technically the day had hardly begun -- but it did make my day.

Sometimes I wonder if I've ever matured past age four. Because I still laugh just as hard.


  1. That picture of him is so funny! And letting out your inner child isn't so bad! :)

    1. and i am so glad it's not!;) it's hilarious.

  2. Ohwow, I saw that today and it was HILARIOUS!!! HA! :)

    1. It sucks that whoever is helping with the olympics decided to copyright the video. I watched it yesterday and it was so funny but i can't get on to it because of the silly copyright thing


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