i was listening to as song and the thought zipped through my mind.
Justin Bieber has heard this exact music. These same words. He spent the exact same amount of minutes listening to this song as I have. 

Music, like books... is how we learn to understand, relate, listen to the rest of the people in this world. To see how far away we are yet how close together. To become reunited despite our own regrets, mistakes, hopes and pleas. Admitting weakness, rising a call for strength. We all join hands, seeking Truth. 

just some words that i wrote. oh, and:

like taking 200 photographs to get five good ones... writing through ten diaries to snatch snippets of truth... we just have to keep going, doing what we love. You are here. 


  1. I love this! I totally agree with you, music really does bring people together. Great picture quote! :)

  2. oh, so true..."to snatch snippets of truth". thank you, Emii, for the reminder to live today, to take hold of the life that is truly life...btw, what is the quote/picture from? did you make it?

    1. Yeah mate, I did make it. My photoshop skills have gotten a little rough!;)


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