a bike ride

G'day mates! So, guess who was in town -- that's right, good old JB. And I am proud to say... two of my friends saw his face. Mate, imagine that.

Listening to Pandora. Jonny Diaz -- I am loving his lyrics. Beautiful You is the song that I hear on K-Love and stop what I'm doing. It encourages me. Oh how I love music!

This morning I decided that I'd post on something. And of course... I've forgotten. I was brushing my teeth at the time, and I even thought of the perfect picture to post with it -- and here I can't remember. Maybe I'll go to the bathroom and pretend to brush my teeth and see if I can remember.

Be right back.

Nope, it didn't come back to me. I guess I'll get back to y'all (I just switched from Aussie to American) if I do remember.

I just finished volume one of the Christy Miller series. More than any other time I've read these books, its truths resonate with me. (If that sentence actually makes sense.)

Sometimes embarrassing things happen. Sometimes hilarious things happen. Sometimes we laugh and laugh and can't stop. The days are days, gifts God has blessed is with. You know what I absolutely love? We ask God... and He answers. He hold us. He wants us to love; and He helps us. He loves us.

We love because He first loves us.

No, there's not really a point to anything I'm writing. And this picture doesn't really have anything to do with the post. (Considering I'm still browsing through Pinterest and haven't actually found one yet!)

And you know what? Sometimes things seem hard. Like you really don't want to do them. But let's take a deep breath. Step outside, whether it's Summer or Winter or whatever the season where you live -- exhale in the air.

And I remember, that Jesus is my Lord. I give it all, my whole life, every teeny little piece of it -- to Him.

Oh I trust Him!

Ps now the picture does relate because i named the post title after it. 

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