i spend so much time thinking. over-thinking (because there are six hours in a day spent sitting down staring at a black board or a bunch of maths questions.)

such simple advice that simplifies what i make to be so complex;

"let your faith be bigger than your fear."

you don't have to be anyone or do anything or act like you're not. we make mistakes, sometimes awkward and embarrassing, sometimes outright hilarious. we say stuff we wish we didn't and do what we don't want to do. isn't that what Paul talks about in one of his books? "what i want to do, i do not do, what i do i don't want to do."

but just sit back. change the way you sit and dare yourself not to look at the clock. pray for a different perspective, ask for wisdom and peace. ask God to to help you all and...

ask God for your faith, to be bigger than your fear.

wouldn't that be the most astounding thing. to be not afraid. to believe that Jesus is bigger than the scariest thing in the world, the things that hold us back and discourage us.

Jesus said, "ask and you'll receive." we talked about that in Bible class today, and it was like... i woke up. my eyes opened. here Jesus tells us, "ask and you'll receive," and we freak out about how we can't do this and oh, "gahhh this is impossible."

"ask anything in my name and you will receive it."

Jesus, I ask that my faith will be bigger than my fear.

let's write stories and take photographs and read books and pray about life.

let's live in hope. let's believe... that our faith can be bigger than our fear. and we don't have to wait a year or ten years, either. we can start today. we can start right now. how?

by asking Jesus.

i still do that, somedays.
i can only imagine, mercyme. everytime it comes on on K-love i smile contentedly and close my eyes and imagine. 

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  1. My mom always reminds me that if we ask we shall receive. I agree, to have faith be bigger than fear, that would be amazing. That reminds me of a quote that says something like, 'what would you do if you knew you could not fail?' :) Great post Emii! :)


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