i can only imagine

the song that makes me stop what i'm doing and look out the window, up at the sky, and... 


  1. So true - love that song!

    Hey, and I awarded you on my blog. Come and see if you'd like to participate in the award-ness! ;)

  2. Emii - about your comment on my blog - nope, haven't done the random ipod tag...tho it sounds vaguely familiar, and I think I remember when you did it. :) It would be a problem for me, b/c I {*gasp*} don't have an ipod (although my bro has an ipod touch).

    Oh, and by the way, I hope you do. Find some friends and chalk on the pavement, that is. :) It's just about as thrilling as failing at making Rice Krispy treats with your friend (haha, yes, it was an epic fail - and an absolutely delightful time). ;)

    Love and blessings!
    Nicole <3


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