driving in the rain

I parked the car and then felt oh so old because I was holding the keys as we walked down the street. Driving a car is nothing like on Playstation, you know. Thankfully. Otherwise our car would be pretty beat up. ;)

I was thinking today, as I finished the editing touches on my book. The prologue was the last thing on my list and I'm a bit happy with it now. (Ironic, I suppose, that the prologue is the start yet it was the last thing to be done?)

The majority of us depend on what people to say to feel good about ourselves -- and if they tell us we're ugly, or different or not good enough -- then that's what we believe. Not because we want to but because we've made up our minds that what they say is what matters. 

So I guess I want to propose something here. What if... we chose to believe that how God sees us is what's true?

Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart. [1 Samuel 16:7

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  1. Lovely thoughts. :) How can people claim to create the standard for beauty, when God is the one who creates it? HE is the standard for what is beautiful, not people's opinions, thoughts, or beliefs.

    Keep asking those questions! :)


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