i've been listening. learning. and i think it's time i started sharing again. here's some words i found the other day. they sound alright with the guitar. do you play an instrument? sing it. let your heart hear them. and maybe we'll learn to live it. 

I have today.
Today is what God's given me.
Today is all I ever will have.

Today, I will give Jesus all of my thoughts.
Today I won't worry.
Today I won't give up.

Today I will talk to the lonely, care for the sad.
Today I won't hate; I will forgive.
Today I will do my best, even in maths.
Today I will move on, despite insults.
Today I won't be afraid.
Today I will live by faith.

Today I will give everything I thought I needed to hold,
to people who need it more.

Today I will follow Jesus.
Today I will forget about everything and love like He does.

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  1. Nice song/poem Emii! And I really like your new header and the whole 'love' theme of your blog! :)


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