more like falling in love

You know what I do? I write words on my hand. And I look at them throughout the day. And it's like God's reminding me to just live already and not worry. 

Like the other day, I wrote don't worry. There were a lot of times I could've worried. But I looked at my hand. And then I didn't. 

One time I had, "By fear not by faith." (I only have five fingers so I had to shorten the saying.:P) And I would see it. And I'd scrap fear and boldly acquire faith. From Jesus. 

Today my hand read, "Just laugh." I forgot to look at it and I laughed. Although I have a cold so my laugh sounded demented. And I'm sick. So everything was too funny. But it's okay. Because laughing is good for the heart, is it not?

I hope your lives are going alright. I know Jesus is with us all. I was awe-struck the day a couple of months ago when I discovered that the Bible actually says that Jesus is holding our hand. He really is, you know. 

ThankYou Jesus. 

Lately: listening to K-Love. best.app.ever.
I'm still loving Pinterest. You on there? Me three. 

Let's pray for this world. Every moment we see injustice, persecution, starvation. Homelessness, hatred, loneliness. Sadness, loss, hurt. Tears. 

It happens to all of us. Life is shorter than we think. We've got today. 

Jason Grey, More Like Falling in Love
more like falling in love than something to believe in
more like losing my heart
than giving my allegiance 

Oh Jesus, I want to love You more. I want to know that You mean more than the world. That You seriously are everything. Let me see that. Let me believe that.
Please whisper that to my soul so that it bubbles over with You. 
Yes Jesus. 


  1. Okay I love this post. Wait. I have seriously never read one of your blog posts without thinking 'Love!!!':) I love your header too!


    1. Haha, well thankyou. Oh and I love the post I just read over at your blog about self-worth. And the picture's.

  2. Emii, absolutely love this post. I need to do that (writing on my hand) and I need to remember that God is always with me.

    Thank you for posting this <3. Your blog is so genuine and authentic and unique, and I just...love it!

    Also, great lyrics from that Jason Gray song.


    1. Isn't music one of the best parts of life? I can't imagine what Heaven's going to sound like.

      It's an awesome way to be reminded of stuff. Unless you wash your hands too much and it rubs off. ;)

  3. That's a great idea about writing things on your hand! I should try that sometime! :) Great post Emii! And I like the picture quotes!

    1. Picture's, quotes... just love Pinterest. :D

  4. Wow. I really loved this post! You always know exactly what to say, and how to say it! God has given you great wisdom, and it makes Him happy to see you using it to help other people. Keep posting! :)


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