words and italics

clicking "related videos" on youtube and spending hours listening to beautiful music.
like travelling the world on a bicycle on an empty street at sunset.

going on a walk in the autumn air... when i feel the first drop and realize that the autumn rains had arrived.
i suppose it was a little naive.

taking photos and discovering black and white.
took me long enough. 

editing the story and happy to be back in the rainy days of my characters.
they're smarter than me. they carry umbrella's so they don't come home drenched.

that walk through the storm, it made me laugh. it made me smile and occasionally run faster than i've ever run before. it was a front row seat to a glorious show.
Jesus, thanks for inviting me. 


  1. Such a beautiful post. I love your blog emii...so inspiring and honest and genuine :)

  2. some days are just plain old wonderful, i guess. we just have good thoughts and dreams just fly around and we know so much hope.


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