when that and this and then.

when you stuff something up and wish you hadn't.
when you pray to God and He didn't answer.
when you've got a cold and plans that involve having no cold.
when you get a new dog and it tears your clothes apart.
when you need a tissue and the box is empty.
when you tried so hard and you failed anyway.

it's not the end. no, not by a long shot. because of hope. there is hope. you know that? we do now. there is hope.

when everythings not working like it should.
when people are fighting, people are unhappy.
people are homeless, starving.
sad, angry.
at the end of their rope.
lost, empty, alone.

it's not over. there is hope. if we don't give up. if we look up at the sky -- the sky that every person on this earth shares, something we all have in common. if we look up at that sky, the one out your window right now...

it's like a mirror into the rest of the world. whatever your hardships, your faults, your problems. your mistakes, your dreams, your wishes.

just look up into the world, the sea of sky.

you're not alone.

hope is coming for me. hope, is coming for me. hope... is coming  -- cs lewis song, brooke fraser


  1. Yes, it's all about the hope. It's in every situation! Awesome post Emii! :)

  2. This totally encouraged me! :) And thanks for your comment on my blog...now I start to think of the Queen's tea party! ;)

  3. Thanks, such a encouraging blog.

  4. I love this post Emii, it's beautiful!!! But of course the whole reason there is any hope at all is because of Jesus Christ and what He's done for us. =)


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