rain rain oh you're beautiful

driving through fog, peering through rain-spotted windows. pulling on a fuzzy hoodie and digging your uggies out from the place they've been buried the past how many months. cuddling the soft cat you've known for how many years and wondering how it is that his fur just gets softer and fluffier. listening to K-Love like you're an American and reading Thessalonians which makes you feel happy and encouraged. thinking about hot chips for tea and listening to the sound of birds and the lawnmower. a strange combination of sounds, but so familiar. knowing that one day around now i should edit more than a page of my book but really, who wants to edit when they can write? i'll become known for the books that were never edited. fine by me.

realizing that for someone who hates long paragraphs, that was a long paragraph. being tempted to press enter after that full stop just to show a short paragraph but moving on and writing this sentence instead.

i just wanted to let you know how much i love autumn and grey skies and the way winter so delicately dives in to this side of the world. don't worry, winter. you're quite welcome here. although you're not expected for a whole lot of weeks.


  1. I think most writers must like rain. Rain is so… Inspiring. Enough said.

  2. I love this post. ;) just sayin'...

  3. so inspiring. i heart it too much.:)


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