Jordi's Bundle of Beanies; a giveaway!

And so today it's the sixth of March and in honour of that -- after all, it's Autumn and my birthday month -- Girlz 4 God is officially holding a giveaway.

My super-talentedly creative friend, Jordi, crochets beanies -- owls, horses, monsters, rabbits, dinosaur's... and really, the list just goes on.

Yeah, that's right. She made that. Amazing, I know. If I tried crocheting it would probably end up looking like a demented sock or something.

Talkin' to the Artist
Jordi! Okay, so, tell us -- how come you're making the beanies?
The money is going towards my school's mission trip to the Philippines, which I am hoping very much to go on.

How long does it take to make a beanie?
It takes about an hour to make the beanies, then about 20 minutes to make the faces on them and another 10 
or so minutes to sew it all on, so about an hour and a half roughly.

Prices, sizes?
Newborn sizes to 5 months are $12. 6 months to 7 year olds are $15 and than 8 year olds to adults are $18. If i have to post a beanie it is an additional $6.60 for postage. [Although probably more for overseas. Just Emii making up something but who knows.] 

When did you discover this cool-as talent of yours? 
When i was about 9 I think, my grandma taught me to crochet. I'd seen her crocheting for years and thought, "I wanna have a go at it." It took me a few years, and patience  to get as good as I am now. I think I discovered my 'talent' as Emii calls it when I was 12 or 13.

And just think. All these years I never knew that I could have a wardrobe of cool hats.

Okay, so, here's what you gotta do to be in the running for the beanie.

1. You've got to comment. -- one entry 
2. You've got to post about it. -- + two entries
3. Like Jordi's Facebook page -- HERE. + two entries
4. Dream up your dream beanie, including the colours and the animal pattern. -- + one entry because it's fun. 
5. Stick the button on your sidebar. + one entry

And please leave each entry in a separate comment -- "I'm commenting," "I liked the Facebook page."

The giveaway ends March 18th, Australian time. (That's a day before America.)

the  button.
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Thanks for today God. And hey, enter away! Tell all your friends about the super-cute beanie they could win.


  1. Oh, that's adorable!!!! I soooo wish I could enter the giveaway...but I can't :( I'll just try to make one for myself :P

  2. She should make a Pascal beanie!!! most definitely green!

  3. That is so cute. Please enter me.

  4. I would like her Facebook page if I had a Facebook. If that counts I don't know.

  5. Dream beanie... I love the owl, with brown and light green. I love that color combo.

  6. I put the button on my sidebar.

  7. I blogged about it. By the way I think this an awesome idea to raise money for a missions trip.

  8. I love the BEANIE!!! I wish she could have my dream beanie as a brown owl with white ear tuffs, orange beak, and brown eyes with a black line under the beak, just like on the owl beanie.

  9. I love this beanie! it's so cute!
    dream beanie-- a mockingjay :)

  10. another comment in case the first one only counted as telling you my dream beanie :)

  11. random comment- i LOVE your new header. mkay. that's all.


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