Job's days.

I'm reading Job right now. And every so often -- okay, really often -- I'm struck by the fact of how honest Job is. (In case you didn't know... his name is pronounced Job as in robe not I have a job at Safeway. It took me a good many years to figure that one out.)

He's not there pretending he's got life all figured out. Sometimes I think I'm so smart. I think that hey, yeah, I know what's goin' on. I know better than that person.

Job just wanted to know what he'd done wrong to deserve everything, all his sufferance. All his pain, loss, all the destruction in his life. His wife was sick of him -- "Curse God already and be done with all this tragedy!"

His friends came by. They sat with him seven days and seven nights and didn't say a word; they comforted Job in silence. But you know what they did? They figured they knew it all. They said to Job, "Hey, Job, you did wrong, that's why God's punishing you. Say you're sorry and everything will be good again."

And Job's just like, "Shut up, please. Just sit with me here. You don't get it. I didn't do anything. I just want to know why this is happening. I don't need to hear all your 'wise words'. They're not helping."
 He was looking everywhere for God. Job wanted to find Him, talk to Him, ask Him why on earth this was happening. He's asking, he's hoping, he's wondering and he's suffering.

There's this other thing I found, about Job. He refused to give in. He refused to give up.

We take the good days from God -- why not also the bad days? [job to his wife]
Even though his life was traumatic and he was covered in poisonous mosquito bites (Well, itchy sores) Job didn't hate life and God and everything that ever breathed. He didn't get it, no. He asked the question we all ask; Why do we have to suffer?

He's a tad sarcastic and I like that. He's real and honest and genuine. Job is authentic. He doesn't make up words just to sound good. I want to be like Job. He knew that God is God and he can't do anything to change that, like we sometimes do. He didn't let his friends tell him what to do.

Yes, I've seen all this with my own eyes, heard and understood it with my very own ears. Everything you know, I know, so I'm not taking a backseat to any of you. I'm taking my case straight to God Almighty; I've had it with you—I'm going directly to God. You graffiti my life with lies. You're a bunch of pompous quacks! I wish you'd shut your mouths— silence is your only claim to wisdom.
There's a lot to see, hear, find in Job's life. These are just a couple of the things that I've found.

And by the way -- anyone out there like giveaways? Because one of my super-creatively talented friends so kindly has donated the prize. Stay tuned!


  1. This is so amazing! I think I have some reading to do... ;)

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  2. I'm reading through Job right now too!

  3. Thanks for sharing that, Emii! Job is one the most...mixed chapters for me. I totally agree with it and am totally confused by it at the same time. :P What you said here sheds a bit of light on my muddled understanding of it...so, thanks! ;)


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