i never wanted to grow up. and now i have this piece of paper that says i can drive.

i guess that's what comes with turning sixteen.


  1. I never want to drive either :P I like depending on my brother or parents to take me wherever! :) And wow, you're already 16??? I remember your 15th birthday post :) Sooo...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You know, in case it IS your birthday, or in case you had a birthday at SOME POINT IN TIME and I never told you :)

  2. I had to read this post about four times. Specifically the words "drive" and "sixteen."

    I hope you have a great birthday, Emii :)

  3. thankyou, rachel! four times, huh? it's a good thing it was short then.;)
    time goes so fast, doesn't it? thanks, trinka.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Driving is awesome. So have fun and be safe. But you already knew that. =) The car comes next, right???

  5. sweet 16, eh? hope it was rad. :)

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  7. I understand. Except I did want to drive. And I did want to grow up. Just not past my teen years. Okay, not past like 14. Except that I wanted to drive. And now I'm gonna be 18 in less than half a year. I'm a senior in high school. But I still feel like I'm only 14 or 15. Why is it that the older you get the faster time goes by? Somehow it just doesn't seem fair. Because the older you get the slower you want time to go. It doesn't make much sense does it? But of course then I remember God's in control of everything and suddenly everything's alright. Even if part of that everything happens to be growing up way more than I ever wanted to.

    But I must say happy birthday and have fun driving! =)



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