hunter or a baker's boy?

I saw it, just moments ago. I believe that the characters make you fall in love with this movie. Half of me is screaming, "Peeta, I love you!" And the other half of me watches as Gale stares as Peeta and Katniss kiss. His gaze, the way his eyes soften.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, the two and a half hours felt like two and a half seconds. Like when I read the book, it went too fast. I didn't want to stop wishing for Katniss to truly love Peeta, for Gale to crash through the arena and find his love. 

Us, we entered the theatre with Katniss-style braids, inwardly pleading for enough seats together. The theatre was practically empty -- apparently the early show is the one to go to. 

The Hunger Games was everything I hoped it would be. Sure, every moment wasn't recorded. But who is going to want to watch a nine hour movie? I suppose you could divide it into three sections, like the book, but seriously -- I wouldn't want to wait three years between each part. Because it was good. Really good. Like I imagined it. 

Okay, so there was one thing. If you've listened to Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift on YouTube, you might've read all the comments like, "Ooh, I hope they sing this in the cave!" 

I have a piece of tragic news. We were all quite distraught, really. Safe and Sound isn't played at all in the movie. The credits roll in, and you're like, What? Where'd it go?! We stuck around, and the second song in the credits line-up was, indeed, Safe and Sound. So I cheered. But that was kind of disappointing. I like music. 

But that aside, this movie was brilliant. It was beautiful it was fascinating, it was pretty extraordinary. The Capitol people... let's just say, it would've been fun to do their hair and make-up. Cinna, he was awesome. Rue, the girl we all grew to love within moments, was so sweetly innocent. 

Haymitch. He added hilarity to this movie. His lines, well... they made me laugh. Sarcastic, honest, just plain old genuienly funny.

I don't know. Peeta, Gale? I love you both. 


  1. I feel the exact same. The movie was amazing. Haymitch was hilarious. And if I had to choose between Peeta and Gale, I'd have to choose Peeta. Even though I also felt so sorry for Gale as he watched them kissed, and I know how much he cares for Katniss... =/ It's too complicated!

  2. I saw it Friday night and thought it was really good. I was rooting for Katniss throughout the whole thing! Peeta was also great, but I wish they would have added a few parts and played Safe and Sound. But oh well, still a good movie.


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