reading joke books full of the lamest jokes in the entire world and collapsing in hysterics. (Sometimes. There were the occasional few when a laugh just refused to even be forced.)

like this one; What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants coming over the hill? "The elephants are coming over the hill!"

Oh dear they're terrible.
Love it!

reading Lily's Passport to Paris and realizing you're finally old enough to get Lily... and see how awesome her bro, Art, is.

listening to: brandon heath, i'm not who i was

today in foodtech we made, hot cross buns
learned a new song on guitar.
realized how beautiful autumn and its rain and fog and everything is. i just got to find a tree with actual autumn leaves.

running around like i'm some fit person and feeling good and happy.

telling myself to read the Bible and not reading it.
saying that oh i'll do it some other time.
and then can't be bothered. am i really that lazy?
to say "i'll read it write now" and then shut off my laptop and walk down the hallway and eat food or something?
oh us humans, we need help.
God, help me please. Give me grace, give me peace, give rest to my weary self. please, Daddy.


  1. bahaha. nice. i like puns...
    why did snoop dog need an umbrella?
    fo drizzle!

    brandon heath is my soul mate. yup.
    and yes, Jesus. give me grace.

  2. I know what you mean. I always tell myself I'm going pray and read the Bible more, but I don't. And is it Autumn where you live? 'Cause here it's Spring. Very cool! :)

  3. mmm, I know what you mean...reading God's Word...not many things are more important. but we make them "more important" anyways.

    And I do remember Art being amazing...I have an older brother like that (OK, he's 60 seconds older, but he's still amazing). ;)

    I'll have to read some Lily books again - those last two were my favorite, I think.

    and, OK...yeah, those are terrible. oh, dear indeed. :)

  4. he is quite amazing, nicole. even when he's struggling wuth the diabetes... yes, love the last two!:D

    yupp, it's autumn. love it. :D

    nice, anna, nice. ;) gotta love it. love brandon heath. but since you've actually met him then i guess you have dibs. ;)


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